Tsuut’ina Nation & Canderel Group’s Taza Development, update March 2018

The Tsuut’ina Nation have partnered with Canderel Group to develop their lands immediately adjacent to the South West Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR). Collectively, the development is known as “Taza” meaning “Amazing”. The development comprises three elements; Taza Park near the existing Grey Eagle Casino, Taza Exchange near 130th Avenue and Taza Crossing near Southland Drive and 90th Avenue.

A new Taza Developments website (link here) has recently been launched and provides a wealth of information, including maps, renditions and contact information should you have inquiries.

Community Drainage Improvements, update March 2018

The City of Calgary are implementing the Woodlands Woodbine Community Drainage Improvements (WWCDI) Project. This project aims to implement storm water retrofit improvement solutions to reduce flooding problems in the existing south-west communities of Woodlands, Woodbine, Cedarbrae, and Braeside. The most significant elements of this project are the construction of a new Braeside “dry pond” east of the John Ware and St. Benedict schools and a new Storm Pond at Bebo Grove in Fish Creek Park. Construction began in early-March 2018 and the full project completion is planned for spring-2020. The City have recently updated their webpages and these describe the new dry and storm ponds as well give details of the other elements of the Project including 24th Street Storm Trunk Diversion between  Woodview Drive and Fish Creek Park and new other Secondary Improvements to our storm drainage systems.

Oakridge Crossing Development, update March 2018

The Oakridge Crossing project plans to redevelop the Coop Grocery Store site at Southland Drive and 24th Street. See project info. here. The project is in City Planning Commission decision stage after community and public engagement sessions were carried out during August and September 2017. The Final Engagement Summary Report can be seen here.

City Administration have recommending approval of the submission to the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC). They shared the final application, the results of public engagement and how they made their decision in an information session on November 9. A copy of the information panels at the final information session can be viewed here. A CPC  development permit is targeting a late-winter 2018 decision.

Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR),  update March 2018

The SWCRR is being constructed by the Alberta Transportation on behalf of the Province. As many of you will have seen, construction is well underway. Contractor KGL Constructors has provided a Winter Construction Update (newsletter) to summarize current activities and those planned through the upcoming winter period.  It can be viewed here. In addition, some interesting progress photos (September 2017) can be found here.  

Additional information and more details can be found by following this link to the SWCalgaryRingRoad Project website   

Anderson Road Widening, update March 2018

This City of Calgary Project is well underway to widen Anderson Road from 4 lanes to 6 lanes west of Elbow Drive to carry increased traffic flow to and from the new South West Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) currently being constructed by the Alberta Transportation on behalf of the Province. Construction work began in August, at Elbow drive and is set to move westwards. The Project is scheduled to be complete in late-2019, ready to connect to SWCRR per the below timeline.

Follow this  link to access to other interesting information including maps of the proposed route and SWCRR interchanges. A public project review is scheduled for March 21, 2018, 6pm at Southland Leisure Centre.

90th Avenue and Southland Drive, update March 2018

This City of Calgary Project includes changes to these roadways near our Community to allow connection to the SWCRR. The designs are nearing completion and construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2018 and be completed by end of 2019.  To find out more details follow this link.  The planned modifications to pathway connections are provided here.  A public project review is scheduled for March 21, 2018, 6pm at Southland Leisure Centre.

South West Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), update March 2018

The South West Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is being designed carry commuters from Woodbine into the Downtown core, servicing other communities en-route. The Project has has completed the facilitated citizen involvement sessions and online engagement to move to the final design. Results of these involvement and engagement sessions is available at the City website link below. Work has been carried out by Atco Gas to replace a HP Line under 14th Street – this is a precursor to the City’s BRT Project.

Construction south of Glenmore Trail has begin with tree and road curb removal in readiness for long-term lane closures and diversions. This activity has necessitated varying short-term road lane closures through March 2018 and motorists are advised to drive especially carefully in the areas of 90th Avenue and 14 Street, as well as Heritage Drive and 14 Street.

The remaining (main) BRT construction schedule remains unclear. In December 2017 City Council recently approved to proceed to tender the project.  To find out more details follow these links:  SW BRT Project   and    Update from City of Calgary