Issues in Cedarbrae? Many residents will call 311, or talk with their neighbours, lots more contact us here at The Cedarbrae Community Centre. We hear lots about what’s happening in our neighbourhood! One thing that keeps coming up again and again is… poop. Yes, that’s our hot button issue friends and neighbours, poop left by dog owners on public and private property both. We’ve all experienced it, but no one will ever admit that they are guilty of not picking up after their dog.

Why do people care so much? Well it’s more than gross and inconvenient, it’s written into local law that you have to pick up after your dog. Dog waste often contains E.coli and other harmful bacteria and can transmit parasites that can lead to brain, eye and other human organ damage. It creates “hot spots’ causing grass and plants to discolour. It can attract mice and coyotes and contaminates our water sources when it’s carried away by rain or melting snow. Maybe you think it’s ‘green’, or ‘natural’ but it doesn’t actually get absorbed into the soil, so the risk of spreading its harmful effects can linger for years.

Now, before you judge us, or get carried away and call us cat people you should know how big a part dogs play here at the Centre. We host scent training classes for dogs through the Calgary Canine Centre, and many of our volunteers will bring along their dogs to the Centre or to our events. Some of those dogs have become family for us too! Shout out to Diesel, Merlin and Cooper in particular: Good Dogs! Many of us have known the unconditional love and comfort of our own pooches, but as stewards in our community we have always bit the bullet, held our noses and picked up after the dogs we love. To make scooping the poop easier for everyone we’ve made sure there are dog waste bags available in 5 dispensers throughout the neighbourhood and here at the Centre.

You, all the residents of Cedarbrae make our neighbourhood what it is. There are choices to be made, do you want to live with garbage, debris and poop? No, we’re better than that! We can have a clean community while still being welcoming to all our locals be they on two legs or four. Please, be a responsible pet owner, and a good neighbour, help make Cedarbrae a better place to live!

-“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished”

-Dean Koontz