It’s happened again and again, all those times when I wish I’d brought a book…Usually I’m well prepared for any eventuality, a big shoulder bag with everything I could possibly need to make it through the day. The one regret that happens over and over is the decision to keep it light and not pack a book. Invariably on those book free days I’m stuck in a wait somewhere, a long transit ride or an unexpected detour in my day.

When I first heard of the possibility of a free little library for our neighbourhood I rejoiced! They’re popping up all over the City, a cache of books in public spaces to be shared and enjoyed by all. Kind of like a take a penny leave a penny its Calgarians paying it forward and spreading a love of reading. Now instead of bored resignation on those bookless days I’ll be able to dive in to a recommended read from a neighbour. Better than that, I’ll pop in some of my favourite hidden gems as payback and spread the joy around!

The Cedarbrae Free Little Library is now open! Located directly outside the Centre’s front entrance, residents, visitors and curiosity seekers are all encouraged to come check it out. Learn something new, get lost in a new world or entertain the kids with a classic tale.  There’ll be something for everyone.

Once you’ve found a keeper why not slip in one of your much loved books to share with others? Help us make this wonderful new idea a great success for our Community.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

-George R.R. Martin