In collaboration with the Calgary Pickleball Club (CPC), our Community Center offers great opportunities to play North America’s fastest growing sport! We have play opportunities every day of the week on the 3 courts in our gymnasium.






FOR SALE; Special edition Cedarbrae logoed paddle, courtesy of Sushwap Sports. Made by top Canadian manufacturer; Manta. Polymer Honeycomb core / Fibreglass skin. Available in low 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 oz weights. Normally would cost $100. Yours for only $80. Great value for a beginner/novice player to grow into! Check with Cedarbrae office for availability.

The 2018-2019 indoor play season began in October with opportunities for a BEGINNER INTRODUCTORY LESSON. Our initial offerings filled up quickly and were well received. Additional lessons opportunities have been scheduled. This 2 hours lesson is open to the public. Participants do not need to be members of Cedarbrae Community Association or the Calgary Pickleball Club. Introductory lesson sessions available are:

Thursday, December 6, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm  FULL!

NEW!   Tuesday, January 3, 2019, from 3.45pm to 5.45pm

This lesson will provide an introduction to rules, scoring, play/court etiquette, and basic play tips and techniques, followed by playing experience.

Each lesson will have a maximum of 12 participants and pre-registration is required by calling the Community Centre office at 403-251-2101. Cost is $15/person. Please register for one session only.

Proper non-marking gym footwear is required. Loaner Pickleball paddles will be available. A Cedarbrae liability waiver will need to be signed.

For those who have never experienced the game and are eager to learn, there are excellent online video resources which discuss or illustrate items like the court markings, the rules, and playing techniques. One recommended Introductory 2 minute video is here. We look forward to seeing you on the court.

The 2018-2019 indoor play season has begun and following the below generalized weekly schedule.

Please note that some sessions are drop-in while others are numbers limited and require preregistration using TrackItHub (see below notes). Also, that some sessions are segregated according to skill level or gender. We will continue to provide experience and growth opportunities for new players while providing adequate opportunities and challenges to test more advanced players.  Play etiquette includes coaching and encouragement for beginner players as they grow their passion and skill for the game. Please note the various sessions and their descriptions: Open Play: All skill levels play on a rotating partner basis. Segregated Play: Play session is targeted to a specific gender and/or skill level. Some play sessions are managed using prior preregistration to limit the maximum number of players. When Signing-Up or Dropping-In for a Skill Segregated play session please restrict yourself to the session which properly reflects your true skill rating! You should not be at both up to 2.5 sessions AND at 3.0 & higher sessions! Please do not be offended if the host points out that you are too advanced or insufficiently advanced to play in a particular skill session.

Player Ratings: we have often been asked about how the Player skill rating system works. Rather than try and paraphrase it, we suggest you follow this link to the Canadian Pickleball website. In addition, another good resource is “The Pickleball Guru’s” website: (Here) you will find another useful resource to help you self rate your skill level.

Official Rules: see link here to the Canadian Pickleball website.

Gord’s Rule Refresher:  See here to see Gord McLure’s very helpful Rules Refresher

Play and Court Etiquette: Like many sports, Pickleball has unwritten rules/expectations around etiquette. The Calgary Pickleball Club has an excellent page here which is well worth a read. Remember, whatever happens – it’s only a game!

TrackItHub (TIH):  TIH is being introduced at Cedarbrae for the 2018-2019 season.  All session scheduling and pre-registration for limited player sessions will be moved to TIH. To obtain session preregistration privileges you must be either a member of Cedarbrae Community Association (CA) or a member of Calgary Pickleball Club (CPC), and an account using your email address must be established. For basic TIH instructions follow this link.

Cedarbrae drop-in play sessions are open to the general public as well as Cedarbrae members. Drop-in play sessions for all CPC affiliated venues are included on the TrackItHub calendar. To view these drop-in play opportunities a member of the public must go to the website and sign-up for a free account, then navigate to find the Calgary Pickleball Club and then join the  “Calgary Non-CPC Members (Drop-In Play Only)  group. Pre-registration for drop-in sessions is not mandatory but is preferred so that the likely number of players can be assessed by other potential visitors. 

2018-2019 WEEKLY PLAY SCHEDULE (see also the graphic table below)

During the introduction and initial transition to TrackItHub, the below play session calendar information will be maintained as much as possible. But authoritative information on the weekly play schedule should be sought by going to the TrackItHub website. Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled due to gym conflicts. After a period of time, all schedule information will be removed from this website, and users will be directed to the TIH site.

Sunday09001130Mixed Beginner & Novice only(not required)
 11451415Mixed Advanced (3.0 & higher)click here
except Dec 2 starts at 150014301700Mixed Novice & Intermediate (up to 2.5)click here
Monday09001200Mixed Novice & Intermediate (up to 2.5)click here
 12151500Mixed Advanced (3.0 & higher)click here
Tuesday09001200Mixed Beginner only, Mentored play(not required)
 12151515Men’s Open Play, All Levels(not required)
Wednesday09001200Mixed Novice & Intermediate (up to 2.5)(not required)
Thursday09001200Mixed Novice & Intermediate (up to 2.5)(not required)
 12151515Mixed Advanced (3.0 & higher)click here
Friday08301100Ladies’ Advanced(3.0 & higher)click here
 11151345Ladies’ Novice & Intermediate (up to 2.5)click here
 14001630Men’s Advanced (3.0 & higher)click here
Saturday08301100Men’s Ladder Playclick here
 11151345Ladies’ Ladder Playclick here
 15151745Mixed Open Play All Levels(not required)
Verify in for potential late changes

Known Black-Out dates – NO PLAY!  are:
Friday, Dec 7. after 4.30pm

Saturday, Dec. 8 all day

Sunday, Dec. 9 all day

Tuesday, Dec . 25, all day

Saturday, Jan. 12, after 4.30pm

Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019, after 4.30pm

Friday, Mar. 1, 2019, all day

Thursday, Mar. 7, 2019, after 2.00pm

Sunday, Apr. 7, 2019, after 1.00pm

Cost of play* at Cedarbrae Community Center is:

  • With Cedarbrae Community Membership:        $5 per person per session
  • Without Cedarbrae membership:                         $7 per person per session
  • Monthly unlimited play, with Cedarbrae Community membership: $35  per person per month

* a Cedarbrae Community Association liability waiver is required annually, usually at first visit starting in October.

Generalized Weekly Play Schedule Graphic… (click to view or print)