Community Drainage Improvements, update July 2017

The City of Calgary are planning implementation of the Woodlands Woodbine Community Drainage Improvements (WWCDI) project. This project aims to implement storm water retrofit improvement solutions to reduce flooding problems in the existing south-west communities of Woodlands, Woodbine, Cedarbrae, and Braeside. The most significant element of this project is the construction of a new dry pond in the fields located east of the John Ware and St. Benedict schools at the junction of Southland Drive and Palliser Drive SW. Watch for upcoming information and public engagement sessions coming soon. To find out more details follow this link.

Oakridge Crossing Development, update August 2017

Plans are being presented to redevelop the Coop Grocery Store site at Southland Drive and 24th Street. The project is in the development stage with community and public engagement sessions ongoing. City has announced further information sharing and engagement sessions through August, as follows:

  • Aug. 9 – 30: online survey at
  • Aug. 14:  open house at Braeside Community Centre, 4 – 8 p.m.
  • Aug. 19:  table at Braeside’s 50th Birthday Party
  • Aug. 23 – 30: Share your thoughts on our outdoor sounding board in front of Oakridge Co-op.

To find out more details and opportunities to provide further feedback to the City’s File Manager, follow these links:  Oakridge CoopDevelopment or Engagement Feedback and Recent Changes

Southwest Calgary Ring Road, update July 2017

The SWRR is being constructed by the Alberta Transportation on behalf of the Province. As many of you will have seen, construction is currently underway. Work during 2017 is focused upon: 1) completing utilities, 2) laying the new road bed, 3) realignment of waterways ( notably Elbow River and Fish Creek) and 4) Early foundation work at major bridges. The below links provide status information as well as other interesting information including the road alignment details. During a recent information and consultation meeting it was noted that the interchange south of Fish Creek at 37th Street and 146 Avenue will be maintained open to N-S travel until 2019, at which time a new bridge will provide N-S access between Hwy 22X in the south to north of Fish Creek. To find out more details follow these links: Update from Ward 11 Office        SWCalgaryRingRoad Website   

Closures to the dog off-lease areas  west of Cedarbrae will shortly be in effect. See here for more information and maps.

Anderson Road Widening, update August 2017

This City of Calgary Project is underway to widen Anderson Road from 4 lanes to 6 lanes west of Elbow Drive to carry increased traffic flow to and from Calgary’s new South West Ring Road (SWRR) currently being constructed by the Alberta Transportation on behalf of the Province. Tree removal work was carried out during May 2017. The main construction work has begin August 16, at Elbow drive and will move westwards. The Project is scheduled to be complete in late-2019, ready to connect to SWRR per the below master schedule.


Follow this  link to access to other interesting information including maps of the proposed route and SWRR interchanges. 

90th Avenue and Southland Drive, update June 2017

This City of Calgary Project includes changes to these roadways near our Community to allow connection to the SWRR. The designs are in development and expected to be complete ready to tender by August 2017. Public information and consultation processes are ongoing. Construction is expected to begin in first quarter of 2018 and be completed by end of 2019. During a recent information and consultation meeting that the project include two pedestrian/cycle underpasses which will be approximately 5-1/2 to 7-1/2 meters wide and will be lighted. Also that off leash dog parks remain usable and accessible during construction. To find out more details follow this link.

South West Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), update July 2017

The South West Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is being designed carry commuters from Woodbine into the Downtown core, servicing other communities en-route. The Project has has completed the facilitated citizen involvement sessions and online engagement to move to the final design. Results of these involvement and engagement sessions is available at the City website link below. Work is currently underway by Atco Gas to replace a HP Line under 14th Street – this is a precursor to the City’s BRT Project. The BRT construction schedule remains unclear but indications are that construction on 14th Street, north of 75th Avenue may begin in late-2017.  Work on 14th Street, south of 75th Avenue  and at other location can be expected to begin in 2018. To find out more details follow these links:  Feedback Received     Update from City of Calgary