(scroll down for weekly play schedule and sign up links). In collaboration with the Calgary Pickleball Club (CPC), our Community Center offers great opportunities to play North America’s fastest growing sport! We have play opportunities every day of the week on the 3 courts in our gymnasium.

FOR SALE; Special edition Cedarbrae logoed paddle, courtesy of Sushwap Sports. Made by top Canadian manufacturer; Manta. Polymer Honeycomb core / Fibreglass skin. Available in low 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 oz weights. Normally would cost $100. Can be yours for only $80. Great value for a beginner/novice player to grow into! Check with Cedarbrae office for availability.


Regular daily play sessions follow the below general schedule. Please note that some sessions are drop-in while others require pre-signup. Also, that some sessions are segregated according to skill level or gender. We will continue to provide experience and growth opportunities for new players, while providing adequate opportunities and challenge to test more advanced players.  Play etiquette includes coaching and encouragement for beginner players as they grow their passion and skill for the game. Please note the various sessions and their descriptions: Open Play: All skill levels play on a rotating partner basis. Segregated Play: Play session is targeted to a specific gender and/or skill level. May be managed using prior SignUp and limiting to a maximum number of players. When Signing-Up or Dropping-In for a Skill Segregated play session please restrict yourself to the session which properly reflects your true skill rating! You should not be at both up to 2.5 sessions AND at 2.5 & higher sessions!

Player Ratings: we have often been asked about how the Player rating system works. Rather than try any paraphrase it, we suggest you follow this link to the Canadian Pickleball website.

Official Rules: see link here to the Canadian Pickelball website.

Gord’s Rule Refresher:  See here to see Gord McLure’s very helpful Rules Refresher

SignUp Genius: A summary of how to use SUG can be found here  (revised April 6, 2018)

WEEKLY PLAY SCHEDULE (see also graphic table below)


  • 1200 – 1400 Sign Up, Mixed Beginners & Novices up to 2.5 skill level (sign up here)
  • 1400 – 1600 Sign Up, Mixed Intermediate & Advanced 2.5 & higher skill level,  (sign up here


  • 0900 – 1100 Drop in, Mixed Beginners, mentored session
  • 1200 – 1445 Drop in, Men’s Open Play, All Levels  


  • 0900 – 1200 Drop in, Mixed Beginners & Novices up to 2.5 skill level
  • 1500 – 1730 Drop in, Mixed Intermediate+, 2.5 & higher skill level


  • 1200 – 1445 Drop in Intermediate+, 2.5 & higher skill level 


  • please sign up for one or other session, not both! 
  • 0830 – 1045 Sign up, Ladies Open Play Intermediate+, 2.5 & higher skill level (Sign up here)
  • 1045 – 1300 Sign up, Ladies Open Play All Levels w/splitcourt(s) for beginner/novices (Sign up here)
  • 1800 – 2100 Drop in, Mixed Open Play, All Levels  SESSION CANCELLED MAY 4


  • please sign up for one or other session, not both!
  • 0830 – 1115 Sign up, Mixed Open Play All Levels (Sign up here)  
  • 1115 – 1400 Sign up, Mixed Open Ladder Play (Sign up here)  


  • please sign up for one or other session, not both!   
  • 1200 – 1400 SignUp, Mixed Open Play All Levels, Session 1 (Sign up here
  • 1400 – 1600 SignUp, Mixed Open Play All Levels, Session 2 (Sign up here
  • 1800 – 2100, Drop in, Mixed Open Play All Levels. 

Known Black-Out dates – NO PLAY!  are:

  • Friday, May 4 – 6pm – 9pm session cancelled

Cost of play* at Cedarbrae Community Center is:

  • With Cedarbrae Community Membership:        $5 per person per session
  • Without Cedarbrae membership:                         $7 per person per session
  • Monthly unlimited play, with Cedarbrae Community membership: $35 per person per month

* a Cedarbrae Community Association liability waiver is required annually, usually at first visit starting in October.

Generalized Weekly Play Schedule Graphic (Green is Drop in, Orange represents play requiring pre-SignUp with 20 max. players)