Spring Break Volleyball Alberta Camp

This camp is for children 6-10 years and focuses on the "Fundamentals" and

"Learning to train" stages of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model(LTAD). The program stresses FUN, FAIRPLAY, and PARTICIPATION. This Program is participant based and allows children to gain the competence and confidence to participate in a wide variety of physical activities.

Registration opens January 16th. Click here to register!

Group Self Defense program for Kids & Adults

Beginners & Advance Classes
Specializing in Practical, Combat & Realistic Self Defense Techniques
Adults (12-65): Monday, Thursday
Kids (3-5, 5-12): Monday, Thursday
Email: prakticalaikido@gmail.com Phone: (403) 987-0937 (English) (403) 870-0937 (Russian) Facebook: Yuriy Rogovik

RDS gymnastics

RDS gymnastics program combines elements of ballet, stretching, acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics and circus. Children will learn to feel rhythm in music and freedom in artistic movement through dance and games. They will learn fundamental skills (balances, pivots and leaps), develop and strengthen physical abilities, increase flexibility and discover creative talents. Click here for more details!


10:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Cedarbrae Community Centre is offering a new group fitness class suitable for all fitness levels. Pace Setters allows each participant to work at their own pace and comfort level. High/low impact aerobics, great music and a little resistance training balance out this workout.

COST: $40 per month. $6 drop in

Let's get together Cedarbrae!

Join the movement, get active, get involved, become a member today!

The Cedarbrae Community League Association is a dedicated group of volunteers working hard every day to make Cedarbrae a better place. Come check us out, join a sporting group, become a member, celebrate with us during one of our many special events, make your voice heard, and come meet the neighbours! Everyone is welcome!

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Home of South West United Soccer

Visit SWU's new office to get involved!

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